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Each piece of Luna Moonflower Designs jewelry and artwork is imagined, designed, and handmade by Annette Colby in her Santa Fe, New Mexico studio. Her artistic talents and artful eye create artworks that are powerfully simple, deeply elegant, and a bit rustic. Her attention to detail and handcrafted quality makes each piece unique and a keepsake to treasure.

  • Jewelry: Luna Moonflower Designs’ timeless jewelry is a collection of handcrafted jewelry incorporating the finest metals, precious and semi-precious unique gems, ancient beads, fossils, vintage re-sourced materials, and rare elements.

  • Home Décor: Nature inspired home décor items incorporate locally sourced hand-spun wool, reclaimed horseshoes, the finest deerskin leather, up-sourced furs, antlers, quills, unusual minerals & natural stones, forest offerings, driftwood and cactus wood, and natural organic elements. Bring the beauty of nature into your home.

  • Art: The power of original art is amazing—it can be such a simple yet profound statement of self-expression, confidence, and beauty. Mixed media paintings are often created on layers of collected antique text printed on gorgeously textured paper, include hand-pressed fauna & foliage, and incorporate vintage treasures discovered at estate sales or while roaming the world.

The entire Luna Moonflower Designs collection combines simplicity with mysterious depth designed to awaken the creative spirit within each of us.


                                                              WELCOME AND ENJOY!

About The Maker: Annette Colby

Working with my hands—painting, creating mixed media art, textiles, and jewelry design—the creative process of bringing something new to life is my passion! 

Originally from upstate New York, I moved to Texas and fell in love. Here, I earned a doctoral degree and for over 25 years lived as a spiritual counselor, innovative creative therapist and renowned author. However, requiring a deeper connection to nature and quiet spaces my husband, three cats, American Eskimo dog and I recently moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here the natural beauty of the ever-changing clear light and skies, the vast desert and treed mountains, and the depth of the rugged women and men who reside here inspire the soulful Luna Moonflower Designs collections. 

I’m a maker at heart and love the messy, textural and intricate process of transformation and creation. From within the tranquility of my sun-drenched home-studio I bring the beauty of quiet things, weathered things, ancient things…old paper, dried flowers, ancient beads, bones and fossils, feathers and stone…to life in new ways. My windows are almost always open to the high desert air and the magic of the nearby birds, ravens, snakes, hawks, owls, and coyotes. 

Each unique handmade piece of artwork or jewelry offers a connection to my love of nature and the creative process. Deep and rich with multiple layers, each design invites full engagement in the moment, encouragement to pursue inner dreams, and hopefully sparks a desire to live a life with imagination, creativity, and a free-spirit. 

It is with positive intentions that Luna Moonflower Designs distinctive jewelry and art will find a special place in your life, bringing forth your individuality, energy, and joy!